Committed to the Success of Your Aquarium Experience

Committed to the Success of You Aquarium Experience

AquaReady offers top-performing, value-driven products for salt and freshwater aquatics.

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RO System

RO System

The filter will transform your tap water into a safe and pristine environment for your fresh or saltwater aquarium – our filter ensures water that’s not just clear, but truly healthy for your aquatic ecosystem.

Hang on Back Refugium


The Refugium is a tank mounted refugium for growing macroalgae, which improves water quality and can provide food to inhabitants in the form of microfauna.

Complete Filtration System

Complete Filtration System

The HOB Complete Filtration System provides a complete tank mounted filtration system for saltwater aquariums. This includes an integrated protein skimmer, biomedia reactor, and space to add chemical filtration packs (not included) such as carbon or phosphate removers.

Trustable Quality, Affordable Pricing and Solid Performance

AquaReady products improve and facilitate the aquatic experience

The AquaReady Commitment

AquaReady knows that you and your aquarium depend on effective and easy to use equipment that is built to last.

AquaReady is fully committed to the success of your aquarium experience.